So, you’ve determined your transmission is bad. What next? Integrity Transmission & Auto Service Center in Sarasota, FL is here to help.

There are a few things to consider when your transmission goes out. You might feel inclined to just get a new car...but should you? Here are some factors to think about.


At Integrity Transmission & Auto Service Center in Sarasota, FL, we know that transmissions are witchcraft to most people. More often than not, if major damage has occurred, it’s a lot more time and cost effective to just replace the entire unit and get a fresh start. Here’s what to look out for, from Integrity Transmission & Auto Service Center in Sarasota, FL.

Torque converter

If you drive a lightweight car, truck, or SUV, the torque converter you have installed is probably just fine. For those of you with more heavy duty applications, like high horsepower setups or towing rigs, the stock converter may not be enough. At Integrity Transmission & Auto Service Center in Sarasota, FL, we can help with that.

fleet vehicles photo

Our fleet truck customers do not need to spend valuable time in the shop with transmission issues due that could have been avoided by servicing their fleet vehicles based on their owner's manual recommendations!  Especially if it is simply changing a clogged filter, changing fluids or clutch issues!  Our transmission technicians here at Integrity Transmission & Auto Service Center in Sarasota believe that service = saving high repair bills!   Therefore, we believe in a proactive approach!

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